We, Lustertech,inc has been developing software and hardware that express things that hard to understand or visualize things that people can't see.
Aslo, we detect useful DVDs for education and then offer to Japanese publishers.
If Japanese publishers have interests in DVDs that we offer, we would translate into Japanese language.
And we negotiate an agreement between foreign companies and Japanese companies as a consultant..
In the industrial field, we accept creating or organizing contents of DVDs in order to introduce large equipments and translating documents for exports/imports.

Contents Wanted

Distributor Wanted

E-learning & Analizer
We negotiate Intellectual ownership
rights of your DVDs or Video
Contents to Japanese publishers for

English-Japanese translation
Audio-typing (transcribe)
Export/Import consultation
We are making and selling some
models for Veterinarians.

All products are our original models.
They are made in Tokyo.
Go to "SCLABA-Real" which is
one of hardware devices
developed by us.
This is a real-time scratch
counting system for
laboratory animals.
This product is Noveltec inc owns.

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